Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Amazing thing about Facebook

Yes, Facebook is the "old" people's MySpace, but I have to say I do not feel old.  Older maybe, but not old.  That being said - here is one of the reasons it is so amazing.


Don't get me wrong.  I still hate the new design.  I know it's not going to change back and that there will probably be another redesign before the year is out just because they seem to be on a six month cycle.  I think a lot of the applications are more like viruses and and I am not a fan of all of my friends getting targeted with advertising meant for me.  In other words, this is not a love song for Facebook.  But in the past six months I have connected with so many friends from my past and my present that it makes dealing with the ever present updates and losing the day's events.  (I think there is a birthday today, but I can't find it on the page to send a note!)

Yesterday and today for example.  Yesterday a friend of mine put up a note that is based on the movie Pay it Forward (which I now realize I should have put in my top 5 movies) only this is Create it Forward.  The deal is that you post the note on your profile and the first 5 people who respond will receive something made by you.  There aren't that many guidelines other than that.  So far I have 4 takers for something I make.

Today I woke up at 4:30.  Excuse this time - Sammy woke up which got me up and knowing me, just haven't gotten back to sleep.  Not fun.  So I went on Facebook for a bit and wound up talking with a good friend from high school.  One of those friends that I felt close with but wasn't sure she felt the same until today - so that is a great way to start the day.

I am very lucky.  I have more friends than I ever thought I did.  It took a website to teach me that.

How very ironic.

PS - Sammy update.  He said "star" at preschool yesterday.  Haven't gotten him to say it here, but he said it at school!

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