Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is that marshmallow in your hair? And other fun stories...

I know. Its been awhile. About eleven days to be exact. And a lot has happened in those eleven days. There was a car accident (me, by myself, backing my hubby's car), warm days, more snow and even a few words.  In case you are wondering, it was the car accident that kept me from writing. Although the warm days would make a wonderful excuse as well.

I decided today that I would only talk about fun things.  There is so much not so fun stuff going on
 in the newspapers - we don't need more of that.  At least not today.  

Instead I will talk about fake glasses and tricycles and little boys who want M&Ms right before bedtime.  Yes I know.  All that sugar is bound to make him jump on the bed for about an hour, but then he'll crash, right?  Or maybe not.  Then again, he could be drinking milk and jumping which he is doing right now.  

So, maybe the M&Ms weren't such a great idea.  But then again, I am not the one who fed him Lucky Charms for dinner - thus marshmallow in the hair.

Before you get all Children's Services on me, no - I do not feed my child bowlfuls of sugar.  He has food from all the food groups on a regular basis.  But sometimes a little sugar can be fun and cereal is an easy dinner on a rainy Saturday night.  

Another fun report from today comes in the form of a sentence.  "Das a kiddy kad!  Meow!" That is the sentence
I woke up to this morning and it was wonderful.  So, it isn't Mama.  Not yet.  But it was a full, complete and understandable sentence.  Next stop POTTY TRAINING!  Or at least learning the words for potty training.  Any suggestions besides "Potty now!"?

For even more fun, we had a day of 70 degree weather last weekend and out came the tricycle!  Its great to watch him figure out the peddles.  First he would use them for a few seconds and end up driving into a ditch.  So then he would try to use his feet on the ground and found out that didn't get him very far.  Next he tried having one of us push him which was great for him, back wrenching for us but still fun.  But the most fun, I think, was when he figured out that the step on the back of the tricycle was a place he could stand while Eric pushed.  For even more fun, check out our hike in the woods that day on Flickr.


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