Thursday, March 26, 2009

No eggs for us - Rats!

The White House Easter Egg Roll is a Washington, DC tradition dating back to the 1800s when the White House lawn was first opened up for a lawn party to celebrate Easter.  Ever since I moved here to the DC area I have sighed, wishing my mother saw fit to go to the White House the Friday before Easter, pick up some tickets and take us in our finery to wander around the rose garden with wooden eggs.

Yep - another one of my little Jewish girl wants to fit in fantasies.  Who cares.  Repeat - it is a tradition for WASHINGTONIANS.

It is, in fact, the ONLY tradition and event in DC that I have ever really wanted to participate in and have yet to have the opportunity.  I thought that this would be the year.  I was actually planning on taking a day off of work to go camp over night (without telling the doctors until after, of course) and get tickets so my son could go.  I figure he is 2.5 - I have between now and maybe 4.5 before he looks at me funny when I say we should go.  That gives me exactly 2 years, if not less.  So it was with trepidation that I greeted the news that there would be no camping this year.  Instead, tickets would be handed out through a ticketing system online.

Ummm, ok.  How much was TicketMaster going to charge me for the privilege of a National Park Service event?  Who cares, bring it on!

Whoops - not TicketMaster?  Ummm, who is this?  OH CRAP, the servers crashed?  WHAT - no way to get tickets?  WAIT - tickets are available on CraigsList for $50-$500 A TICKET?  


Yeah.  I'm pissed.  

Granted, this is not as important as say the flood waters bearing down on Fargo, ND or the twister that injured 28 people in the midwest or even the fact that Alaskans used to pure air are currently breathing ash and smoke from the SIX eruptions of Mt. Redoubt this week.  Nor is it as important as the extra troops being sent to Afghanistan or the money that is pouring out of our economy by the barrel full.

But you know what - I have to live here.  I am NOT a fan of this area.  I actually cried when my parents moved us here from Garmisch-Partinkirchen Germany.  I have cried each and every time I have had to move back - I have tried to escape more than once, each time vowing that I was never to return.  Right.  Why don't I like it?

Tourists.  Heat.  Tourists.  Humidity.  Tourists.  A lack of feeling of community.  Tourists.  A feeling of being stuck.

Did I mention tourists?

From April until October our town is inundated with people who will not move with anything more than a snails' pace.  They take over the museums, sidewalks and have no clue what a green light means.   Oh, and let's not forget the protesters.  They fall into the category of tourists - but they are tourists with a purpose it seems.  

If stopping traffic and behaving badly are purposes.  

Don't get me wrong - I am all for getting your point across.  But please do it without rocks, tear gas, babies in jars, or putting masks on your face and shouting at me for not joining in on whatever your cause of the week is.  If you really want to make change come here and WORK!  Please don't try to stop those of us who work and live here from doing our jobs.  We're just trying to support our families and, believe it or not, most of us who work in the city DO NOT HAVE AN AGENDA.  Well, no agenda other than attempting to make a living.  Really, we don't.

So, why shouldn't Washingtonians have an event that is just for us?  Why shouldn't we be allowed to have one thing that, one tradition, that the world is not invited to?  Come on - where was the world when the plane flew into the Pentagon, Anthrax was in envelops and there were NO TOURISTS?  Granted, that was the first time I ever saw the city come together as a community in such a complete and total way and since the tourists have come back we seem to have returned to our non-communicative, solitary ways - at least within the city.  But again, why aren't we allowed to have one event that the world isn't invited to?

I am thrilled for my few friends who were (we believe) able to get tickets.  I hope they have a wonderful time full of memories and fantastic photos of their children in their Spring finest.  Hopefully I will be able to get tickets for us next year.  Regardless of the issues from today, this is still an event that I really want my son to attend while he is still young enough to enjoy it without thinking his mother is mad.

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