Thursday, April 2, 2009

Supposed to be writing...

Really, I am.  I am supposed to be getting through a chunk of editing today.  

I guess I have - but it isn't enough for me.  I am adding story and texture to my book - that's editing, right?  I just haven't gotten very far.

I really want to get this thing out to my readers SOON!  

Whoever knew editing was so difficult!

Good news - met a fellow writer who seems to be having some of the similar issues I do.  Making time and just writing.  All the devises to waste time plague us - music, iphones, computers, email.  These are supposed to make our lives easier, right?

Well they are making it easier to procrastinate!

OK - enough wasting time.  

MORE WRITING!  I want to get to page 40 by tomorrow!  Am currently on page 26 - granted I have added 5 of those pages at this point so...

More soon!

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