Monday, April 6, 2009

Writing Update

So, I figure if I force myself to give you guys updates on my editing process I might actually get more work done.

Case in point - since my last post I have edited far more than 20 pages.  I am currently on page 106 of my manuscript and there is not much that I need to do on that page or the next three so I should be at 110 in no time.  

The good news - this is my second time reading it (yes, you have to read while you content edit) and I still like the story.  I am not sick of it and I think other people will like it as well.

The bad news - I really suck at pitching.  I found out this weekend that I have NO idea how to describe the story in a sentence or less.  I really have to work on that aspect if I expect to find an agent or a publisher!

More updates in a day or so.  Hopefully by then I will be more than halfway through.

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