Monday, May 18, 2009

If today were your last day...

Two things bring this to mind.  First - I watched the documentary Farrah Fawcett put together with her best friend and her SO Ryan O'Neal over the past two years about living with and dying with cancer.  Second - I was listening to a song by Nickelback "If Today Was Your Last Day."

Either way - they come with a question.

If today was your last day, how would you live it?

So - that is my question to you, and I really want to know the answer.  You can send it directly to me - it may go out in something in the future, perhaps a website or book to help those fighting with cancer or other traumatic diseases - but names would not be used unless you want them to be.  The creation of a website and/or printing of a book all depends on whether or not we can get a few last day descriptions.  Here's what I am looking for:

A description.
A sentence.
A photo.
A screen capture.
A story.

In other words - anything that can translate to a 2D medium.

You can reach me by private message via this blog, or on twitter - @Liadona.

I really am interested.  More details coming as I figure out the details.


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Seraphine said...

i'm a morning person.
on my last day, i'd get up early. i like small coffeeshops where "regulars" gather. i like the ritual of doctoring my coffee with cream and then eating a big, healthy breakfast.
if it's quiet, the morning paper suffices.
hearing the news from the regulars, however, interlaced with opinion and gossip, is the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee.
and i'd still have the whole day ahead of me.