Friday, June 11, 2010

That'll teach me...

It took:

1 sponge
1 camping lantern
2 buckets
3 towels
3 trips to Home Depot
3 Adults
4 different wrenches (including a borrowed socket wrench - the one that finally worked)
9.5 hours
and Copious amounts of WD-40


Turn off the water (WD-40 & 1 adult then another one later)
Drain the water (2 buckets & 3 towels)
Take two INCREDIBLY rusted bolts off (3 adults, 4 wrenches, about 9 hours, most of that for one bolt, & far too much WD-40)
Drain even more water
Take the tank off
Take the old, corroded gasket off
Take the old flap assembly off
Put the new flap assembly on
Put the new gasket on
Put the tank back on
Hook the water back up
Screw on new, non-rusted bolts
Tighten everything down
Refill tank
Test flush
Declare success
(Everything from "Take the tank off" to "Declare success" took about 30 minutes so you know what I did for most of my day...rusted bolts GRRRR)

I now know for certain that you NEVER, EVER put a chlorinated tablet into a tank that is about 40 years old and probably has only been fixed sometime in the past 20 years.

EGAD! At least it only cost us about $20, right?

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pqresident said...

one's time definitely has value and ought to be spent accordingly. you got it fixed though so there's something to show for it.