Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I admit, I am jaded. I worked in Hollywood for enough years to understand how movies get written, cast, promoted, etc. I even admit I was part of that gigantic machine that created the first Internet marketing for movies - specifically "You've Got Mail." (I was the Warner Bros. Online contact for the AOL part of that campaign.) So when I kept hearing all these brilliant reviews of "Inception" I pretty much thought of running the other way, waiting until it came out on video or never seeing it at all.

Then Date Night happened. You know, that incredibly rare night when all things magically seem to align - babysitter, husband in the same town as you, feeling healthy and there are actually two movies you could both stand to see at the theater? Yeah, Date Night.

So off we went to see "Inception" at the Imax theater and payed the (GAG!) admission for two before going off to dinner. I tried not to think about what the movie would be like and I hoped it would be worth the $36 we just paid for two tickets on a Monday night.

My husband insisted on getting to the theater about 15 minutes early thinking it would be hard to get a seat. Fifteen minutes early it wasn't, but then we started watch as more audience members poured in. Hmm, we were lucky to get center seats on the bottom row of the third tier. They were great seats, we could see every inch of the screen. Then we waited, and waited, and waited through more than 25 minutes of previews, most of which I have seen on the internet or as TV ads, none of which were a surprise. Well, maybe the "Tron" ad was enticing and I already know I am going to "Eat, Pray, Love". Then the movie started.

I won't explain much of the movie, except to say that there are some very Christopher Nolan bits in there which makes sense as he wrote and directed the movie. To understand this movie, this story, and it's many layers you actually have to watch it. I will say this, it was like reading a book while watching it come alive at the same time. There were so many nuances included that you mostly lose when a movie goes to the big screen - nuances that are exceptionally important. To top it off, these actors gave some of the most thought out performances I have ever seen in an action movie.

In short - the movie is what great literature can be. Thought provoking, entertaining and something that will stay with you long after you close the cover or, in this case, the lights come up in the theater.

Well done.

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