Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back on track...sort of

For those of you who are my friends on FB you saw something the other day in my status. The word was "retirement." While I am not someone to keep secrets - you can ask me anything and I will give you an answer that is truthful - I didn't talk must about the fact that I was put into a position where I either ignored my doctors and kept my job or I trusted my doctors and potentially lost my job.

The best of both worlds happened. I trusted my doctors, but instead of losing my job I retired making this spate of unemployment in the traditional sense both my choice and covered under benefits. It is, in fact, the best part of having been at the Postal Service for just one week shy of 7 years.

Now, what to do with my time. Yes, I am knitting so I am sure quite a few hats will be done sometime this fall - especially if we get the snow people are talking about. However, this one cannot live knitting alone. I need something to stimulate the mind. Yoga and meditation calm my mind, but writing - now there is something I can really dig into. Here is my next course of action. Please if anyone has gone down this road and can help me - it would be greatly appreciated!

"NOLA Bound"

* Rewrite basic Query letter - will be rewritten for each agent I send to
* Set up agent Query spread sheet to ensure I don't hit agents twice
* Write thank you notes that include "May I keep your information on file for my next book?"
* Set up method to keep all agent's contacts
* Find agents and reputable editors looking for a book like mine.
* Set up a website and a FB Fan Page - start marketing

"Her Sister's Gem"

* Continue to write the other side of the story.
* Finalize time rules. How many years different between the two world.
* Stop messing around and WRITE!!!!!

"Four Sisters" (working Title)
* Flesh out characters as much as possible.
* Figure out what New Orleans really looks like 150+ years from now.

So - those are my writing plans. Anyone know an agent who is looking for a semi-autobiographical novel about strong Southern, Jewish women?

Hope you are having a good week!

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