Thursday, October 21, 2010

NaNoWriMo Countdown: T-11 Days

As of today I am chock full of procrastination toys. New games on the iPad. Lot's of WiFi. Plans for vacation in December. I need to make pies for Thanksgiving. A full 2, maybe 3 days where I will lose all productivity due to travel and no, I cannot type while riding in a car on mountain roads. Query letters that need to be written and mailed. Excel spreadsheets that need to be created for managing said queries. And let's not forget all those things that come up including illnesses which we seem to have a number of this year.

Oh yeah - I'm set for ways to fall off the writing wagon.

But I won't. I promise.

So keep an eye out for word counts, donation pleas and excepts. I promise I am going to make it over that finish line again this year. :-)

New music added to the playlist:

The Wrong Side - Abney Park
In This Life - Delta Goodrem
Broadway - GooGoo Dolls
One of Those Days - Joshua Radin
Turn The Page - Matt Hires
Fireflies - Owl City
New Inheritors - Winter Sleep
Flower in Rain - Stephen Kellogg

There's more, I need to have a good range as I am going to be working from multiple points of view. Should be interesting!

More tomorrow. I'm just starting to warm up.

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