Wednesday, October 6, 2010

T-minus 26 Days and counting...

NaNoWriMo starts in a little less than a month. This means that I need to clear the decks, set up the DVR, finish reading my last book for a month, clean the rooms I will be working in, train to be functional late at night and early in the morning, organize the books I am writing (yes, more than one - I am that crazy/driven) I will be working on, set up the fundraising (not much - about $200-$300 personal goal, not required), help organize the book drive (got used books in NOVA - let me know!) and most importantly...

Set up the music!

For those of you who know me, you know I am a music lover. What person growing up in the 1970s & 1980s didn't find their personal home in a musical genre? OK, I do know at least one, but he is an exception.

I am one of those music lovers who can find inspiration in more than one genre. My iTunes holds everything from rock to country to classicalfied (not a real word) metal. (Apocolyptica rules!) My only issue right now is which songs to include. I am planning on writing two very different novels - one fantasy/world walking with steam punkish tones and one slightly dystopian novel taking place about 150 years or so from now in a rebuilt and rejuvenated New Orleans surrounded by war - which could either have the same sound track or incredibly different ones. Both novels are based around the characters and their stories.

So, I am dutifully scouring my computer and the Internet to find the right mix to help me with my rather ambitious writing timeline. The music also helps drown out exterior noises such as mewing cats, shrieking (with delight) toddlers and snoring husbands. I love them all, but gol dern it - I need to write no less than 50,000 words and finish 2 stories in 30 days!

Current selections include:

Apocolyptica - Nothing Else Matters, One, The Unforgiven
Grace Buford - several including Sweet Alys and Sounds of Silence
Daughtry - a bunch, pretty much the most recent album
Lady Antebellum - American Honey and Need you Now
Rob Thomas - several including Little Wonders and Real World '09
Train - Soul Sister
Lifehouse - All In
Kenny Chesney - Boys of Fall
Jimi Hendrix - All Along the WatchTower

Now I am looking for suggestions. I need songs that tell stories or are beautifully played and can help me create a scene. I am most probably going to include some old school George Winston and you already know Apocolyptica is on the list - so more modern instrumentals. Please NO classical music. Classical instruments are fine, just not classical music. (One of two genres that tend to make me want to rip my eyes out for some reason.) Movie music is allowable as well. Rap is also not a favorite of mine. I am also probably going to include some Suzen Juel, Sarah McLachlan and Carbon Leaf. Maybe some U2 as well.

I cannot promise to include your musical suggestion, but if I do I would be more than happy to also include a scene building item or person of your choosing in my book or a thank you in the author's note. Nope - this is not me pimping my work. It's a thank you for helping me write it.

So - send those suggestions here in the comments section.

And while you're at it, how about signing up to follow me here and on Twitter where I am @liadona. A fan based Facebook page and website are in the workings and I will announce those when I have them.

But in the meanwhile send some music love my way - old rock, new pop-rock, classic New Orleans, steam punkish style, alternative rock, singer-songwriter. Southern Rock, New Wave, country, folk, etc. Let your musician friends who are trying to get the word out, etc.

Rules - because all things like this need them:

1) Nothing that would require Tipper Gore to pull out her "Unsuitable" stamp

2) No classical music please - classical style is fine (Apocolyptica, George Winston, movie scores), but just not classical

3) Please limit the current New Orleans music - I know we all love it, but remember I am thinking NOLA in about 150+ years so need something that pushes the music forward and not something that will hold it back.

4) Please keep in mind that if you send me faith based music - I am Jewish. That doesn't mean, don't send, just that I am not the traditional audience and if I use it the inspiration may come back a little different than you thought it might.

5) All entries MUST BE posted in the comments section by 10/20/2010 so I have time to screen them all and download what I don't have already.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly through the blog. (I swear I am working on the website. I promise!)

My promise to you - I will listen to each of the songs sent to me to determine if it would work for me. If not, and you are ok with it if it is your own music - I will share the music with other crazy people taking on this nutty endeavor with me.

T minus 26 days and counting...more NaNo posts to come, I can promise you that.

For now, good night and good luck!

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biguglymandoll said...

I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. I almost *never* listen to music when I'm writing. I can have some classical something on low, sometimes, in the deep background if I'm writing prose, but nothing with words - and nothing at all if I'm writing poetry.

But, some music gets me started in the mood to write. Bruce Springsteen, for example, and some of the BareNakedLadies albums can be inspiring. To me, anyway.

For melodic background, you can't beat Norah Jones. I can listen to her albums 3 times before I realize I didn't hear a damn thing she said. For the sad or melancholy bits, aim for Warren Zevon's The Wind, which is one of the best - and saddest - farewell albums ever. He was a great wordsmith.

For a fast-forward, where is steampunk music in 100 years, try Ethel. This is what music might be in the further future. Julie likes their "Light" album. (

Anyway, good luck - the music thing doesn't work for me when I'm writing, but I hope it works for you! Looking forward to the updates!