Friday, November 12, 2010


32020 - any ideas of what that means? Think guys, it's National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Could that possibly be my word count?

It is, believe it or not. I have written 32020 new words this NaNoWriMo. Add that to the 56K from last year and the 57K from the year before and you have a pretty descent tome that would be rejected out of hand if you weren't Edward Rutherford or Ken Follett.

But you know what? I never would have accomplished this without the founding organization and the help they provide us in so many ways. The Office of Letters and Light is a pretty awesome, creative place and they have done their darndest to bring tools dedicated to writing to the various schools who really need it. Most of the money for that program is raised during this time. During November.

Yeah, I know - crazy, right? But in it's way it's perfect. Think about it - the days are getting shorter which makes it perfect weather to snuggle up on a sofa and write. There are at least 2 maybe 3 federal holidays during this month so there are quite a few people, at least here in DC, who have off and can work on these projects. As for the students - this is a great month in the school calendar to schedule a creative writing program. Although those programs can happen at any time throughout the year, our goal is just to make sure they get to at all.

Speaking of the goals of fundraising for the Office of Letters and Light. This is the parent of NaNoWriMo, Script Frenzy and the young writer's program. So, what does OLL get out of our money? They have a line by line accounting for that. Just click on the link and you will find the whole year's budget. But for those interested now - the actual Young Writer's Program is budgeted for 148,988.

That's what we're raising money for. To keep the lights on and for the Young Writer's Program.

So, here is my personal story of the day then my person plea.

I was finally able to finish a novel because of these guys. I am well on my way to finishing the third novel which will be combined with the win from last year and create a single book with many stories. That will be 2 novels completed. My life became filled in a way that my family accepts but cannot do with me. I have at least 3 people who wish to read my book sooner rather than later so they are willing to read an incredibly rough copy.

This alone deserves all the money I can raise. But I am raising for the kids who participate in the Young Writer's Program. I know enough students who have been in a class like this to know that it is the best thing for a young writer to learn amongst their peers. Writing may be solitary, but that does not mean that you, the author, is a solo creature,

Let's help the Office of Letters and Light continue to pursue this endeavor. Please donate what you can and pass it on. I have only raised $135 of my $500 goal and have 19 days left.

Thank you in advance!!!

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