Tuesday, November 23, 2010

51470 - revised list

Alright. 51,470 words in. Nope, I am not done with the book just yet. I still need to take the two halves of this book and combine them (who knows l don't!) Oh, and actually finish what I am writing so I have a good draft that i can swing an axe at it and edit it correctly. Where NOLA Bound was light on words - just over 50K honestly - I had to be a good economist when editing. Whit this tactic I should have a book that is about 75K words ready for development - either live podcasting or the like and we'll go from there.

So, that's about me. There is more, but how boring are holiday pies and their baking. I guess the good time would be ...


This book, "Her Sister's Gem" and my first year;s book "NOLA BOUND" could not have been written without several things:

1) The idea -ok, that was all me
2) Determination - ok, still more me
3) Direction - This one was all NaNOWriMo. Without their posting a rather roadmap in the form of website, those of us who had heard of the porject may not have gotten involved or stayed invisible for their entire writing venture.
4) All the amazing help and support from everyone I know. So here you go - your honor roll!

In no prarticular Order:

Eric Moore
Lee Moore
Sydney Silver
Linda & Seymour Samuels
Johnerik Wenar
Dawn Savisty
Doug Lang
Kym Samuels
The Theta Zeta House for Alpha Gamma Delta
Jules the wonderful ML for NaNoWriMo here in NoVA
And a slew I don't remember right now as it is after 1 AM. Please - this is a rolling list and I will make changes as necessary.

In the eanwhile. Thank you!

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