Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still not quite done...

For all those who were thanked yesterday - I still thank you, however I amended the thank you to correct misspellings that were graciously pointed out to me. May I just say that writing a blog late at night after writing a novel, baking 2 pies in a persnickety oven that sits in an even worse kitchen and trying to figure out exactly what your Thanksgiving is going to look like does not work really well.

All is well today and my book, which sits at 52,071 words is a draft that is almost complete. You see, I have another 56,000 words that this draft was created around and now the two must be merged. Hopefully I will be able to complete that over Thanksgiving and then truly be able to ay the book is done - onto the editing!

In the meanwhile I am considering signing up for a review contest. I figure if I am about to put myself out there, perhaps I need to do some reading/reviewing myself. The reviews are all done for The Story Siren and about Young Adult Fiction, specifically new authors. You must read 12 books in 52 weeks and review them in a public manner - either your blog or on Goodreads, etc.

Thoughts? Anyone think this is a good idea for me or a really bad, Lia you need to learn how to say NO type of idea? Or perhaps something in between?

Thanks for the input and all the assistance/support/love sent my way. NaNoWriMo is still looking for sponsors and if you would like to sponsor my novel, please let me know. I will forward the information to you.

Thank you all and most of all,

Have a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Thanksgiving.


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