Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hmmm...I didn't mean to take a month off!

Wow. Where did December go? Last time I checked, I was standing in the middle of Disney World having a ball with my 4 year old, my husband, sister-in-law and parents for my birthday.

Now, it's January - a whole different year! It's not that I meant to ignore my's well, there was Chanukah, then Disney and birthday, then Christmas then New Years. THEN - my sister got engaged (YAY!!!), a New Year's party to plan, the Christmas tree had to come down, school to get back to, an office to clean...

You get the idea. It's been busy. Not horrible, just busy and writing has slipped through my fingers.

I can't let that happen again! I got my month off, nice vacation, and now it's back to work for me! Here are some of the good things that have happened with my writing in the past few weeks.

* I cleaned my office so I have a space to write that isn't my bed!
* I got my Fantasy World Walking novel into an order I can work with and am starting a line read hopefully tomorrow.
* I have a new writing group near me, and one that is a remote one, so I can get some more feedback on NOLA Bound before I start sending it off for agents.
* I came up with a new idea for a short story.
* I started researching the Mississippi in the 1800s for the new novel I am working on, so far just in my head - but getting there on characters and plot!

Obviously, things have not been completely put on the back burner. But I haven't been actively writing and that is what needs to change.

So, here is my request of you - oh my almost 3200 page view fans (yay for that, btw). Please get on me. Please send me notes via the blog asking where I am with my writing if you haven't seen my words in a day or so. Please yell at me. I deserve it! I need it!

Between that and Mur Lafferty's "I Should Be Writing" maybe I will actually get something ready for publication this year!

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