Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Daunting Task Ahead

No title link today because there isn't a website, yet. There will be, but not until I tackle the most challenging thing I have asked of myself in a long time.

Edit my book.

OK, so I have edited a great number of pieces I have written before. That's not new. Nor is the fact that the item in question is a book. This is my second time round with that one as well. No the daunting is that the book is rather, well, large. After combining the two halves of the book the stats look something like this:

428 pages containing 107,387 words of the story of two sisters in two very different worlds.
This boils down further to 2,800 paragraphs containing 10,644 lines of an urban, world walking fantasy with strong women and men who have no idea what to do with them. Worlds are dying, but one must stand so the others have a chance. Broken vows started it all - lots of fun stuff.

Oh - and a college campus is unwittingly involved as well. Well, how were they to know the aliens were in class amongst us?

So now I have to edit. There are places where the combination is a little rocky. More than rocky really. I actually have a Robert Frost Road Less Travelled by dilema with one character towards the end of the book that I have to resolve and more than a few word generating, but not story moving, paragraphs to kill.

And yet - I can now say...

Her Sister's Gem draft 1 is officially ready for editing.

Now, where are my alpha readers? I know I had some volunteers. :-)


Big Ugly Man Doll said...

Yay! Looking forward to the read!

Lisa said...

Well there's one of you! :-)