Friday, February 4, 2011

Slightly Sad

When I was in high school I read a lot of scifi/fantasy novels and some of those novels were by a gentleman by the name of Piers Anthony. I wasn't into Xanth or some of his other high-fantasy novels. Instead I read the Incarnations of Immortality and remember one very specific part of that series. At the end of each book there was a story about Mr. Anthony himself and his life on his tree farm. I loved the concept so much that in like 9th or 10th grade I said "I want to live on a tree farm and write for a living!"

Well, I live on an incredibly wooded lot (about 200 trees) and I write (almost there for getting paid eventually). It's been great. I love my trees. Absolutely love them. I can sit in my office, turn to the left and see the majority of the trees on my property and when they are in bloom it looks as though I am sitting in a treehouse. So this view is amazing.

But today the view out of that window and the one right in front of my desk in my office seems a little bare. Today we lost 6-8 trees with at least 2 more that have to come down this year. The blizzard of last year combined with the blizzard conditions last week (ice -> snow for up to 10 inches in a 2-5 hour period.!

Don't get me wrong, the trees needed to come down. More than half of the ones we took down today were cracked in half, one was aimed at my office and the others were bent double and splintering so we knew they had to come down.

Now I have two other trees that will have to come down this summer. One of them is one of the oldest trees on the property. It hurts my heart they have to go, but this one, as was the one from outside my office window, is aimed directly at the house. As in if the soil bulges and the wind gets high one day I will need a new roof, kitchen and probably bedroom, dining room, and spa-like bathroom. And there's no guarantee none of us will be in the room when it happens - well one of the rooms.

So I am sad that I am losing a few trees from a forest that has so many trees we really can't count them, only estimate. But I know the forest will be better for losing those trees that are broken, diseased or dead.

And for those wondering - I tend to take the tree in question and have it recycled in such a way that I can reuse the remains after either in the form of chips or a walkway for my back path. This year I will have so much it may also be a border for a garden bed (shade plants only) in the back forest.

Sad, but understanding that it is the circle of life and we all live our parts in it.

Even the trees, so honor them!

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