Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life in the Over Extended Parental Brain

Saturday evening was a real fun time in this house. That was the time that I realized that I pretty much managed to schedule everything I have due for 2011 for this particular week.

I mean everything.

From taxes to sorority functions I am chairing to trying to get back outside and exercising to working in the garden again for the exercise I need for my illness to setting up school for next year to setting up camp and swimming and tennis all for this coming summer. Then there are always personality issues that seem to crop up in the most unlikely of places with the most unlikely of (very short and single digit) children which is never fun to find or to report when necessary.

It is also when I realized that the wonderful extra set of hands who has been living with us since she was a sophomore in college is getting ready to leave us for a position overseas which is great for her - but makes me wonder if I can do this taking care of everything alone during the day. I have my wonderful hubby in the evenings of course, but daytime...?

And then, sod it all, I really feeling that stress - a lot. So I went a little nuts. Nuts in the form of a new pair of earrings which I am keeping, a set of rings which I am returning (turned my finger green in 2 hours!) a arm cuff - going back, and another pair of earrings I am possibly keeping.

I don't tend towards retail therapy. I tend to go for attacking a physical activity and writing random things on my blog, but today the retail therapy seemed to do the necessary thing.

So - where is this random, rambling blog going? To say - I too will get through this stress! But yes - all this was today.

Boy, not sure I want to see what tomorrow is going to look like!!!

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