Saturday, May 7, 2011

Always Expect the Unexpected

When we woke up today and made a mad dash to the first Farmer's Market of the season, the last thing we were expecting was to come home with a new member of the family.

So, how did it happen that we woke up with 3 humans and 2 cats and are going to bed with 3 humans, 2 cats and a dog you ask? What a REALLY good question!

You see, it's festival time in Northern Virginia. Every weekend there are at least 5-6 festivals in spitting distance of each other. For the first year in about 4 years I am actually doing a pretty good job at figuring out when these festivals are before they happen rather than after. So, when I saw that this weekend was Pet Fiesta here in our home town, we decided that it would be a great time to go, have our young son meet some dogs as he has been desperately wanting one to make sure that

a) he really does like dogs and can handle being around one
b) we could find a rescue group we liked and
c) we could figure out what type of dog might be good for our family.

Never in a million years would I have expected to walk up from parking the car and immediately find the most beautiful dog up for adoption who was quite literally the first individual dog we saw.

So, who is this new member of the family?

He is a rescue from South Georgia. He is about 45 lbs and rather short of stature but definitely a medium sized dog. He is a mix of Chow, Lab and something that made him small (I think maybe Jindo but not sure at all.) He is a beautiful auburn color with stripes of black and flecks of white down his back. His disposition is incredibly sweet - he managed to make it through the Pet Fiesta with it's thousand or so kids and dogs without barking once, nipping at anyone or anything, and letting everyone in the world pet him. He is also one of the most strikingly beautiful dogs I have seen. (Unfortunately, his coloring is one I have never photographed before so I am having problems with the lighting and all the pics have come out as a black blob. Hopefully I get it down tomorrow.)

The only concerns right now are house training, we think he may not have lived in an actual house before because he was incredibly nervous to come inside - but he is calming down here, and heart worm. He did test positive so we have to get him treated in the next few weeks. He seems to be incredibly well trained for a rescue - walking on the left while on lease, coming when called, eating only when given permission, sitting when asked (with a please), shaking paws and dancing on hind legs with me. He has also let me son drape blankets over him, call them capes and say his name is Super Dog. We even got to pet his tummy tonight.

The cats seem to have noticed him but not been too nervous of him. Right now they are checking him out to see if the is going to cut in on their turf or if they can tolerate him because he seems to be taking the small annoying person (my son) off their backs and onto his. In other words in their minds he is doing a fantastic job being a friend to a small boy who loves animals and can't get the cats to love him back.

We are so very lucky that we live in a dog friendly area and can afford to bring another being into this house. We are equally lucky to have stumbled upon an amazingly beautiful and so far well behaved dog when we weren't really looking yet.

Now all we need is a name.

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