Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Drumroll please....

And the name of the beautiful animal who is my profile picture this month is....


We took everyone's wonderful suggestions - thank you all so much! - and narrowed it down using the criterion shared with us by people who have had dogs much longer than we have:

1) a 2 syllable name that sounds like a name rather than a command,

2) Easy for everyone to say - this has been a feat of good natured dog waiting to hear little guy say something over and over and over.

3) It should not rhyme easily with basic commands.

4) We added in something that we could say without laughing hysterically.

So, while he may look like a Bear and has the standing of a Jefferson we picked...


Macon, GA and Randolph-Macon - a double whammy!

Now - more tomorrow I am sure, but as of right now I am extra fried. 6 walks a day for 3 days after no walks every day will do that to you...

Thank you all for your help making a name happen. I should poll my friends whenever I need to come up with a character name at the beginning of writing! :-)

Thanks again!


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