Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spirit Airlines NON choice survey

Hey, Spirit Airlines - It's not really a survey if you only have one answer, no matter who many "answers" you have provided. BTW - last time I checked, you have to check in at the airport if you have luggage. So what you are saying is

a) If you don't check in online you are going to pay more.
b) We really don't care about customer service - we just want to make more money by charging you for something you are probably going to have to do anyway, especially if you have luggage which we are going to charge you for as well.
c) We don't know how to write a true survey or launch a new initiative in such a way that we are actually going to entice our audience.
d) We are actually doing a political pitch/slamming our potential customers within a new fee launch.

Yeah - that's gonna make me want to use your airline. DISLIKE!

Look - I get it. We are all trying to save a buck and every company is far more interested in making money than customer service (read that retaining your customers) these days because to be honest, customers are no longer loyal. They, like everyone else, follow the money. I admit doing it myself. I double backed to Target today to get a new electronic product because it was $10 cheaper there than at Best Buy and we buy most of our electronics at Best Buy.

However, I also just flew 3/4s of the way across the country with a husband, a small boy, two suitcases, three carry ons and two personal items for a wedding. Weekend, destination weddings do NOT in any way lend themselves to carry on only situations. Weekend, destination weddings that then lead into a full week away because it is your sister's wedding, in ABQ, NM with a lay over in Denver, CO (of 3 days) with a boy who is 4.5 and a wife (that's me) who can never decide exactly what she needs to pack as she is packing for 3 REALLY do not lend themselves to a single carry on per person. I'm sorry - I would like to bring more than one pair of shoes and 2 pairs of underwear if I am going to be away for a week, you know?

When you travel with luggage that goes under the plane, you have to check in at the airport. You cannot just do it online. They have to first tell you that you are going to have to pay for your luggage because it seems that taking your clothes is now a luxury. Then they have to weigh the things. Then they have to make sure it is indeed your luggage and that you are indeed travelling on the same plane as you are requesting your luggage be sent. All these things are because of 9/11 and are imperative for the safety of the plane.

So - when you have a situation that requires you check in (even if you "check in" online you still have to show up, stand in line and check in at the airport, folks) I don't think it's quite fair to charge extra AND then call your customers lazy and say they are contributing to the national debt! (Really - that's what the last choice on the survey is.) I mean COME ON!!! Not everyone is travelling for the weekend get away with the boys where no one is going to change their underwear and someone will come home with a Mike Tyson face tatoo! Good grief!


Jerry said...

I was so about to post something online very similar to this. You hit the nail on the head!!!

Anonymous said...

I was really annoyed by this "survey" as well. I called them up to try and tell them how I felt and found out the reps can't even send a message to corporate. So, since they are now a public company, I just sent an email to all the top execs, a few directors and their largest investor.

Lisa said...

Jerry - please feel free to repost! Anonymous - thank you!