Monday, August 29, 2011


At one point in the 3rd grade I realized I was a writer.

Not a "If you pay me $10 I can write your paper for you want. No I realized that with my pen I could make people soar, animals talk and turtles rule the world, if of course, that was want I wanted.

I started writing when I was 7 during a creative writing program my grandmother typically reserved for much older students. But as my father was on Temporary Duty and we had tagged along (NO SCHOOL FOR WEEKS - YAY!!!) it seemed like the proper thing to do. Since then I have had one or two poems published, mostly in magazines I knew would not turn them down.

But today, that is not enough. I want to write out loud so to say. So, last week I did a soft launch, today is the full launch. I now have stories on "100 Word Stories" a Crap Mariner production. The person behind Crap Mariner is an amazingly talented guy I know named Laurence who is pulling all of this together.

So, here are the details. My podcaset was read by him today (earthquakes, hurricanes - things like that kept me from making sure I had the podcast done late last night. So instead, I get the midget to read and he does it quite well.

This week's story goes out to all my fellow Irene survivors. Enjoy it! (And vote please. We don't get to choose our theme - this past week was Shrink. The week coming up is Wings.

I know I am to write full length novels, but no reason to dabble in something I really love!!!

thanks, Crap!!!

And thank all of you for stopping by to check the rest of me out...brain out - oh for pitty's sake. This is a G rated blog! Some people. HA!

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