Monday, September 26, 2011

I Am Amazed

She is not my daughter.  She is the daughter of a friend of mine, but I check on Abby Boone and her family every day.  Abby is 8 and has leukemia.

For those of you who have been watching Abby Boone's story here is a wonderful update.  Since August 13 - just a little over 5 weeks ago - Abby's mom, my friend Kim, has done an amazing job rallying her community to support their new cause, CURE.  CURE is an organization in Atlanta, GA where they live that funds research into cures for childhood cancer.

How amazing of a job has Kim done?

As of right now the fundraising stands at $11,312 - more than 377% above her goal of $3000.

This is me saying thank you to everyone who donated, or shared their story, or just checks in on occasion.

Keep good thoughts in your heart for Abby, Kim, Jamey (Abby's dad) and Andy (Abby's brother).

And thank you from the bottom of mine.

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