Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Little Guy is Growing Up!

Yes, this is going to be one of those insufferable posts about family.  You know the one that you get to and go "Oh good grief - a family story!" But then you start to read it and decide to read until the end to see how it finishes just because it feels good?  One of those stories.  But I also promise, it won't be long.

Many of you know from reading past posts (or from talking with me in person) that my little guy has difficulty expressing himself.  Hey, dyspraxia will do that to a person.  He was 3 before he said "Mama" and 4 before he uttered a full sentence.  Now he is almost 5 1/2 and talking a blue streak.

But that's not the best part.

First there were the holidays.  We have multiple during December in this house.  This year's holiday season started with Mama's birthday and ended with Hanukkah with a little bit of Christmas (OK, a lot of Christmas) thrown in for good measure.  As part of the celebrations we got to go to my favorite store, Ikea!  The little guy likes it too.  He calls it the Ball Room store after the room filled with balls and other activities for children his age.  Our routine at the store is to go upstairs for lunch then go to Smalworld (the ball room) to drop of small boy for his 30 minutes of fun while my husband and I then run upstairs and discuss exactly which organizational piece of furniture we are going to buy to help hide all the books, toys and electronics that have exploded in our house.

Once our 30 minutes are up we typically just have one of us run down to get him while the other is writing down aisle and bin numbers so we can quickly get what we need and get in line, but today we both went and boy am I glad we did.

While we were downstairs gathering our gear and looking at yet another organizational storage piece our son suddenly said "Look, Mama" and stuck his tongue out at me.  At least I thought it was his tongue.

Then he did it again and I saw it wasn't just his tongue.

It was his tongue and his tooth.

And a second tooth.

And behind those two teeth were two adult teeth crowding into his very small mouth.

"Mama, the tooth fairy is going to come and take my tooth!"

Yep.  He told me that.  This little boy who could barely say my name last year told me all that.

What a cool Christmas.

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