Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Still Mother's Day!

It's 11:46 PM so technically it is still Mother's Day.

Traditionally, this is a day when we honor those who do so much for us and who we barely remember to thank EVER.  So we set aside this one special day when we say "Thank you mom. I know I cab be a horrific mess sometimes, but today I am putting in an extra effort and today I will be good because I love you." You know we all do it.

You also know that come tomorrow - we will all go back to being the wonderful children we are.

You see - children aren't meant to be grounded on the earth with us, they are the wings to make our lessons to them soar.

So I will take my once yearly remembrance from husband, son, parents, and whomever wishes to give it to me.  It is gratefully received.

What made today even more special was the fact that two of my dear friends - Tee Mooris and Pip Ballentine finally made it doubly official and were married in the eyes of the church (today), the state (in November), their family (today) some of whom came from as far away as New Zealand, and friends (both times, but more this time) to have their second celebration.  It was wonderful we could come, and even more wonderful that the thought didn't even cross my mind that I shouldn't bring Sammy.  Tee, Pip - thank you for including my family.  And Pip - happy OFFICIAL first Mother's Day to you.

I now have 4 minutes to finish, edit a bit and send it up to Blogger so let me just say this.


Lisa, Eric & Sammy

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