Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Mouse Day 2 - EPCOT (And I really should be writing...)

Turns out that EPCOT is not just for tweens, teens and adults.  It seems that 5 year olds like EPCOT just fine - and not just the parts you think they'd like.

Or maybe it's just my 5 year old.  Either way, today was another wonderful day here at the home of the Mouse.  It's hard to believe that our trip is almost over!  So, here is today's update.  I know a few of my friends are out there reading for updates - the rest of my readers who have no idea who I am beyond this blog, I thank you for your patience.

We got to EPCOT early and to understand how nervous I was you have to understand a bit of the history my husband and I have with EPCOT.  When we came together for the first time in 2004, we came to EPCOT on a day when it POURED.  Just bucketed and did not let up.  I think the words out of my husband's, then boyfriend's, mouth were "Never again."  Thankfully I talked him into another EPCOT trip as this has to have been our best yet.

We started with the aquarium - also known as Living Seas with Nemo and Friends.  My son loved the entire experiences.  He spent the first part looking for Nemo everywhere in the ride.  Personally, I found the High Definition screens placed in such a way that the animation appeared 3D without the need for 3D glasses.  No 3D glasses = fewer chances for migraines.  But back to my son.  He spent the entire trip in the clam shell looking for Nemo, talking out loud when he found Nemo and pointing desperately as he tried to get the attention of Nemo's father and Dorie.  He laughed in the right places, talked to the fish and just generally enjoyed himself more than most aquariums.  He loved it so much he wanted to go back last thing before we left the park for the night.

He didn't just love the cartoon characters that were floating throughout the displays.  We went and learned about manatees followed by sea horses and then the fish who were being helped in the rehabilitative lab.

Then it was off to lunch!

What the boy didn't know was that we were eating in France.  All he knew was that he wanted Mac & Cheese.  So far, he has had Mac & Cheese multiple was - all home made - and eaten every bite, even the style with Gruyere.  We passed through the dead zone of EPCOT and boy is it HOT, big and thirst intensive.  By the time we got through the Brave promo area and hit England, my two boys (hubby and son) were exhausted and ready to leave.  This is the only issue with EPCOT as far as I am concerned.

When we made it to Canada and then England we kept walking until we saw the bridge and the "Seine."  At this point we had already purchased a mister/fan combo (we are using it tomorrow as well), a peace symbol Mickey pin for his birthday and a SteamPunk Mickey for me.  Then we started walking again until we reached Le Chefs du Paris - a restaurant that reminds me of something that could be along the Seine or the Mississippi in New Orleans.  The peeling pressed tin ceiling was so New Orleans.  The green trim on the iron marking the edge of the patio was Paris and the rest looked a bit like a restaurant we went to in Boulder last year.  But that wasn't the draw.  Not even by half.  You see, at 12:30 the Matre di came around with a cart that had a special covered dish on it.

Meeting our favorite Disney character.

That's right - Remy came to see his fans for lunch.  I have not seen my son's face glow like this in a long time.  It was amazing.  To top it off, the cast member who brought Remy to meet us was amazing.  My son dashed out of his seat and came over to talk to Remy.  Not only did he help my son carry on a full on conversation, Remy offered to come visit in Virginia as long as our pets are not there when Remi is.  The conversation was long - perhaps a good 5-10 minutes.  Thank you, Mr. Mouse!

After we left to come home to the hotel by way of The Land where we learned a great deal about new ways to farm.  It seems that our son is a bit of a farmer.  With a mom who has a black thumb - who knew!

A few hours later, after a trip to the beach and some down time in the room, we went back to have dinner in Germany.  One trip through Space Ship Earth - also at my son's request - and then off to dinner we went.  I have to say that dinner was the only disappointment, but not so much of one that it could rip the smile off of Sammy's face.  One more trip to the Living Seas, and a trip on the monorail and we are back in the room.

The look on my son's face says it all.  That look is why we came in the first place.  

One more day.  I think my legs can make it!  My short story - not so much.  Writing is on hold again, maybe tomorrow.  But you know what, even it if takes a little longer than next week, it is worth it to see that look on his face.  Every time.

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