Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Young Dreams

My son is 6.  With that young age come, of course, the fastastical dreams of "What do I want to do when I grow up?" The one thing I don't want to do is quash those dreams with reality of needing a paycheck, shelter and food.  I mean - he's 6 for goodness sake.  This is the time to let him dream. Reality comes soon enough.

So the dream right now, and in fact the first dream of his own, is gymnastics. I think it has something to do with the monkey bars from Occupational Therapy and also that pesky gene that he got from me.  You know the one that makes him part monkey? Climbing everywhere and flexible beyond belief. His first week was last week. This was a new gym - he's been there one time for a birthday party, new teachers, a completely new situation - one where he knew no one, and there were new things to do.

I was definitely more nervous than he was. He ran in like he owned the place, barely waited for me to sign him in and took off. It's been like that ever since, I have great faith that the gym he is attending will teach him safety first tricks second.  They even told me that he would amaze us after our first week of gymnastics.  I will be honest.  I was expecting summersaults and maybe a cartwheel and a jump down the tract but no more than that.  Instead what I got was a sheet filled to the brim of activities.  Everything from somersaults to pull up-flip dismounts from the bar. And let's not forget the beam, not a boy's event but something he should know how to do, and the trampoline.  Amazing!

I didn't force anyone to watch the Olympics in this house.  I watched it, others joined as they wished, but it was one. This weekend when the young Monkey Bear that is my son was asked what he wanted to do with his life I got something new for the first time. Typically I have been getting "Ride ponies." This weekend I got "Go to the Olympics."

Now I am not one to quash anyone's dreams.  My son will be between 6' and 6'4" by the time he stops growing.  There are not very many TALL gymnasts, but there are some.  If he really wants to be an Olympic Gymnast then that is what will do.  And if he decides not to, that's OK too.  Whatever he wants to do is what we want for him.  As long as what he does continues to bring him joy then that is his activity.  As writing is mine and business planning is my husband's.  Well, gymnastics and games.

So, I am now officially a gymnastics Mom.  Pretty cool, hunh?  What are the Olympics after Rio anyone know yet?

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VeeRod0202 said...

Neat! My daughter wants to do gymnastics as well! Still considering! I love love love the olympics....crazy about track! Too bad its over huh?