Tuesday, October 30, 2012


     A few years ago, 2003 to be exact, we blew off the forecasters. You see, meteorology hadn't improved to the point where it is today. Back then if they said you were going to see a hurricane you could safely say "The day's going to be BEAUTIFUL!" You see, September 1986 was the beginning of my senior year. It was a great year so far. Sure there were issues with my grandmother's health, but she was fine shortly after the surgery to relieve pressure on her brain. But other than that, it was the perfect start to a perfect senior year.

I had a boyfriend and was all smilies about that particular nugget of information.

But then, at some point in September, we get notified that there won't be school the upcoming week due to hurricane. Now, I had heard almost everything at that point - but school being called on account of hurricane we'll just call "Hurricane ?" (if anyone remembers its name I would appreciate the correction!)

My family went into overdrive for preparation. This is what happens when you have a father who spent his entire career in Quartermaster Crops dreaming up worst case scenarios and then what comes after that. So when Dad says "This is not a drill, we are in shelter mode." OK, I don't know exactly what he said except for the "This is not a drill" bit. But you get the idea. Get it done, get it done quickly, get it done once then go inside and find ways to entertain that don't involve electricity.

That particular storm is remembered not for it's fierce rains, howling winds and cars floating down to the Potomac. No, that storm is remember for being the most beautiful fall day any of us had ever experienced.

So, when Sandy started her trek from ocean to shore many of us who were here back in 1986 were hoping that perhaps she'd just want to stop by and shop at Tyson's or Tyson's Galleria. The sky that day was royal dutch blue with only wisps of white clouds drifting lazily across the sky on a day that boasted 70 degree days if not higher. It was an amazing combination.

That is not this hurricane. Sandy is packing a 1...2...3....4 punch an we wouldn't mind if she were corralled by her manager and sent packing. Unfortunately, we are not that lucky. Instead we have over 100K people without power (we still have ours, thankfully!); trees that are bending nearly double behind our house and just threatening to jump out of the dirt in the front; we are gauging for breaks in the wind, which is supposed to be worse over night. Supposed is not quite the word - I believe it's promised to be harsher overnight.

So it's batten down the hatches this time. We're toughing it out without a furnace on our main level. Thank goodness we tend to live on the lower level more so than the top level. Before I settle into bed, though, let's talk about all that stuff rattling around in my brain, shall we?

NaNoWriMo is coming in just 2 days. Do you have a computer? Do you have your system backed up? And now the #Sandy question - do you have a way to wright when Sandy wrecks havoc on your power and the power of those around you?

Personally I went out and picked up the 5 Star Advance Notebooks along with a few PaperMate Profiles in black. That plus a lantern or 3, if we lose power for a protracted period of time, I'm set. I might not be able to make 1667 a day and that means I may make it this year, but with Sandy I think I have a good excuse.

It feels as though I've had a lot of excuses recently. Not how I want to write. So here is my NaNo resolution. I will start really taking my writing seriously. I will stop hiding from the Big Six and maybe look for a different publishing route. We'll see what happens when I actually start focusing on getting the book out there and not just on getting the brand out there. Do I want there to be a brand? Of course - but maybe the book before the brand.:

So, we're locked in. OK. We don't have a tree on our roof and any in our yards will just wait until Wednesday. Tomorrow will be writing day, and hopefully editing day for my husband.

We'll get there!

Hope you are staying safe and warm with #Sandy!

Talk soon.


PS - there may even be a website for Lisa-Anne the author some day soon - after NaNoWriMo.

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