Monday, October 22, 2012

Writing Music Wanted

So here's the deal. I need some help from my (one day soon I hope) readers out there. I know - I need to start actually publishing, which is going to happen, I promise, but until then I could use some input.

This year's NaNoWriMo project is a continuation of the series I started last year. The Kaffe Sisters' Saga. Book one was "Angel of the Red Hand." This year is tentatively titled "Finding the Open Palm." For those of you who know me well, you know I work better with music. Your task if you should choose it is to go to my NaNoWriMo page, read up on both books and then go to my Spotify playlist KaffeSisters Book 2 and see what I have there already. If you can think of any songs that might fit the list please send me a message through FB, Twitter, Google+, Spotify or NaNo. All songs will be taken into serious consideration.

Here are the links:

NaNoWriMo page - - books are under the Novel Tab.

Spotify Playlist - KaffeSisters Book 2

I start writing on November 1 with a bit of prep work between now and then. I am looking for new sounds as well as songs that have been around. Anything you think might go well with a Dystopian trek along the Mississippi river. Something like:

*songs that might be sung around campfires or in clubs.
*songs that will put me into a dystopian frame of mind.
*songs that make people think of siblings that don't always get along.
*songs that make you think of a battle and the injured peace that comes after it.
*songs that make you question everything you ever thought was true.
*songs that can get you into a zone and forget everything around you.

Thank you, friends. I appreciate the help!

Books to come, I promise. I really like the Kaffe sisters and I cannot wait to share them. In fact, I might start telling you about their world sooner rather than later. Keep your eyes out towards the end of the year for an update.


Big Ugly Man Doll said...

Yay for bookseses, and yay for you for writing them! I've been so busy with everything else that I haven't been writing a damn thing; hope to get back to it soon. Good luck! I'll go look at your playlists now.

lisa moore said...

Thanks, BUMD! I really appreciate it. :-)