Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No Soliciting if You Please - a Bit of the Brit

Just a brief note about a topic most cannot get out of their heads today. Downton Abbey and Julian Fellows - How.Could.You???

Well, to be honest, I know how he could and why he did. This was the 1920s, titled, Great Britain. The same as here in the US. If you were proper, and let's be honest Downton is exceptionally proper, you did not ever admit your marriage was a complete and utter flop. It's not that you would be looked over for jobs, although that did happen at the highest levels, nor that you might have to split custody of a child. No, it was because you would be seen as a pariah on the social scene and everyone who knows anything about Edwardian literature will agree with me that being on the social outs is worse than death to these people. At least while there are unmarried children at home at the very least.

So, Mr. Fellows did as Mr. Fellows must. Took Sybil (although she was safely ensconced in Ireland and need never to return so I wonder on this one) and Matthew which was completely unavoidable. No soliciting for a divorce. No finding a new house. Not if you would like to continue on in your life. Come on, the man who loves Edith is stuck with a woman who is living in Bedlam for the reasons you reside in Bedlam. (She's about 1/2 a fruit basket empty who doesn't remember her husband. Perhaps early Alzheimer's?) Either way, she is stuck in her life of waiting for men to call on her and desperately trying to find someone proper in a day and age when more men were killed than during any other war.

Yes. I watch Downton Abbey. I relish in it. It is a soap opera at the highest order. Well researched, well written, well performed, and well appointed from the costume and art departments. I think every story has been authentic - well, maybe not the 2 deaths, one season arc, but most - and interesting. I am looking forward to season 4, but now that there is an heir ensconced, the management is taken on by Branson and I bet Mary will take over Matthew's role on behalf of her son - the story to me seems to be coming to a natural end. We'll have to see.

Now, for the other No Soliciting message - this goes out to all the ad like comments showing up on my comment boards. No, you cannot see them once I have deleted them and I have deleted them as quickly as they show up. No, my readers really don't want to know about reverse mortgages from my blog. Nor do they wish to know how to grow certain muscles on the lower half of their bodies from this blog. This is a family blog, a blog where I occasionally have a soapbox, and, on occasion, a blog where I have an opportunity to discuss my work mis-adventures. So, yes, ads regarding your website with inappropriately aged brides from other countries can pass right on over top my blog if you please.

And if you don't - I'll delete you anyway.

Sorry to leave on this note on a negative bend, but perhaps this will cheer you up.

Doctor Who is returning soon. Doctor Who RETURNS! 50 years - longest running Television Show that I know of. How about you? Will you be happy or sad when it comes back on? Or is waiting your torture?

Gotta love Brit TV!

And thank you, Jullian Fellows, for presenting us with the logical explanation rather than the easy one. Although this one is gonna suck.

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