Monday, February 4, 2013

Super What?

I'll admit it, I am not a huge fan of televised sports. If I am going to watch a game, I prefer to be sitting in the bleachers hearing the roar of the crowd. In fact, I met my husband at a Wizards game. Well, for me it was a Lakers game never having had the opportunity to go to one when I actually lived in LA. I went alone, he hit on me, less than three months later we bought a house together and the rest is history. Oh - and the Lakers won.

So, unless there is a party involved with good food and better commercials - or the Saints, the Lions or the Skins are playing - the Super Bowl is not usually on in our house. There are many reasons - I don't like televised sports, my husband likes televised sports but would rather be invested in the game (please see the above teams), we have a six year old who is not yet interested in televised sports, and mostly - we don't drink, or really care, not even about the commercials. Truly - take two former marketing pros, stick them in a room and do you really think they want to watch the commercials? Not really - we'll see them online later.

Which brings me to the point of today's post. Thank goodness for the Internet! Yes - thank you. Because of the Internet, we can now know what is happening during the game without actually having to watch the game for 6 hours. You see, it's not that we aren't interested in the outcome. We're just not interested in having to sit through every blow-by-blow-by-blow, every commentary, every commercial and commentary on the commercial. We have Facebook for that. Facebook and So, when I got a text from someone watching the game about power going out I actually had no idea what was going on.

A power outage? In the middle of the most important game in the country? Really? And you call that place the Super Dome?

Please don't get me wrong, I adore New Orleans. Not for the reasons you may think. I don't drink or party a great deal. Instead, the city is a sort of home to me. My grandmother and her siblings were born there. My great-grandfather was an architect of many great buildings there. My great-great-grandparents are buried there. Every time I walk that city, I felt the fire of creativity on every street corner, in every bar and under every tree. Friends whom I cherish live there. Every time I hear of a hurricane bearing down on the city, I hold my breath and pray that the levies will hold and the wind won't topple too many trees. New Orleans is a home to me, and as my ancestrial home I have one thing to say to the city planners and those responsible for the infrastructure of the city my great-grandfather helped build.

You let the damn power go out? Really? I think people could have stood a few potholes in exchange for the power being on in the Super Dome for the whole damn game. Come on!

But, if nothing else, the Super Bowl will definitely be remembered for a few things.

1) The Ravens won their second Super Bowl, making it 2-for-2 and bringing that trophy back to the DMV
2) The streets of NOLA ran purple before the game, and not for Mardi Gras, at least according to one friend of mine who lives down there.
3) This year's championship song should be a remake of "The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia," substituting "NOLA" for "Georgia."

Way to go Ravens. I'm not a fan, but I appreciate that you have truly made this DC, Maryland and VA area by joining up with the Skins as a local team. And if anyone should have doubts they just need to remember this:

You made that win, even after two half times - one real and one forced. Oh - and you can play in the dark.

(Yes, I know the lights came back on, but it sounded cool.)


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