Monday, September 30, 2013

Face-off in DC - First poem in awhile.

It's becoming harder and harder to think that the Government may be on a forced vacation on Tuesday because 535 people we sent to Washington to listen to us and vote the way we feel is in our best interests can't seem to get it together, or are listening to the people with the biggest check book, or are acting out of hubris.

Whatever the reason - folks on the Hill, listen up - DO YOUR JOB. Ensure that 1M people are not sitting idle and that the rest of the country can access the services they have grown to rely on - like Air Traffic Control, TSA, food inspectors, small things like that - have to work without pay or aren't on the job at all. Believe it or not - every part of your life is touched in one way or another to the budget bill they are trying to not pass over the next few days. If they succeed and it doesn't pass, I know more than a few people who won't be as lucky as we are.

A Prayer For Our Federal Government

Here's hoping it doesn't happen.
But if it does...
Here's hoping it doesn't last but a day or two.
But if it does....
Let's hope it lasts no more than a week.
But if it does...
A month, there's no way our Government would be so petty as to force the shutdown for a month.
But if a month it is, a month will do.
We hope it won't go to a month or beyond.
But if it does...
By then it will be November 5th, Election Day.
A day when most of those members of Congress hope and dread at the same time
A day when they may find out what it means to have a large group of "someones" really, really mad,

---by Lisa-Anne Samuels 
September 30, 2013

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