Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Introducing the new and improved Lisa-Anne Samuels and where you can find her

There will be a blog here soon, probably a day or so, that becomes the lovely rage against the machine type blog you have heard from me in the past. I hope to have it up later today. But first...

As of right now, this is my private blog. It is not my Author's Blog - at least not just yet. They may become two and the same this year, but I hope not - I do like to keep work and life private as much as possible even if they overlap sometimes.

And so, for the first order of business let me introduce you to me, the writer, and my first short story.

As many of you know, my name is Lisa-Anne Samuels. (When I'm writing here and else where I write for myself) And this weekend, this wonderful, crazy weekend, the first anthology to carry my short story between it's pages. Thank you Charle Brown and Mojo Lucky Press for taking this endeavor on!

So, here is he information: I now have a short story in the book "Dirty Magick: Los Angeles" filled with stories fro no more than 231 pages and filled with fantastic writers suck as Neal Pollack, Richard Raynor, Brent Niccholes and a few more. My story is #13 which I a taking to mean good news. 

So, here is how you can find me.

Website - to come, for now, if you know me , check back until we tell you the page has been launched.

Facebook - Is up and running. The URL for that site is


As of now it is the central hub for all things Lisa-Anne Samuels - writing plans, stories and books coming out, queries adventures, everything. It is also open for my readers, I am hesitant to call them friends at this point..., to write to me with questions, and I do my best to answer then.

Amazon - Every Indie's favorite friend. We are on Amazon.com as well as Barnes and Noble. Linls


The BN eBook for the Nook can be found here:


We are still waiting on iBooks (iTunes version of a curated entertainment store) and the trade paper books which I commend you for reading. It is also the only version I can sign using current technology. For me, this is just me finding the correct venture for myself.

Sorry this has been such a dry post. All about administrative details for when you set up a new venture. I am working through them  - for example, how much is too much,

But we'll get there! I have full faith that we will.

Enjoy this story and I will let you know when the next one pops soon. 


PS - as of tonight I only need 3 people to bump me up ovwe 100 clicka if you you can help me reach my first 100 fans. YIKES!!


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