Friday, January 24, 2014

So, this is what happens when life interferes...

Back in November I said I was going to launching an author blog in the next few days. Yeah, that didn't happen. Here's what happened instead, in no particular order:

Strep - the Monkey
A cough that wouldn't quit - Me
Lots of days off of school - the Monkey, illness and weather related
Holidays - All of us
More days off of school - Thank you Mother Nature
More illness - Monkey
Another story launch - YAY! (Details later)
The paper version "Dirty Magick: Los Angeles" - YAY! (Details after the other story launch)
Yeah...I think that's it.

Needless to say, it's been a tough winter. Not just here, but everywhere. It's left me very little time to focus on my writing, blog or other wise. That said, I am going to start back up in earnest. You see, while my fingers have been not exactly idle - the afghan I am knitting for the boy is coming along nicely, thank you - the brain has been going into overdrive. I currently have no less than 4 book ideas floating around in my head as well as a renewed desire to focus on three of my WIPs (one one-off and two series) and get them out into the world.

Yes, I am thrilled that I have so many ideas and plot bunnies. No, I do not have enough hours in the day. Yes, I am trying very hard to prioritize. As of right now my Spotify writing playlists have been growing by the day. I am currently listening to the playlist for the Untitled Epic Fantasy idea.

But first things first - I need to finish the last book in the Kaffe Sisters Saga. I am about 1/3 of the way through the first draft, and I hope to complete it by March. While that is fermenting in the drawer/being read by my first reader (Hubby) I will hopefully be working on a non-fiction project and editing at least one of my WIPs, polishing it to the point of brilliance and sending it out into the world again.

Then it will be a toss up - Untitled Epic, Urban Fantasy based on the first short story (Starcrossed), or editing a second of the WIPs. Or, perhaps, a few more short stories and the poetry collection. There's also a company idea that I have floating in my head. It's been floating there for a few years now, and now there are some other friends who have something similar floating so we may join forces. Like I said, there are more than a few things floating in the aether for me.

Now an apology. I'm sorry I've been delayed with the blog. I'm not so sure that I'm sorry that the rant never made it to the page. That rant is still on a slow-major boil, but this may not be the best place to post it until I do split the two blogs. Once I do that, and this is my personal blog once again, I can fill you in on why I am rather ticked with the individuals I am pretty angry with. Oh, and yes, they know I am mad. I don't see how they could have walked out of that meeting not knowing.

Back to the happy! I am truly a published author! A real one, with my name on the cover of a paper book! And I have not one release, but two! WOW.

So -I am holding here is a copy of the book, which I now have in my hot little hands. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the graphics uploaded. Until I can it fixed, you can see the front and back cover of the book. And, oh yeah, you can actually buy it! We're working on a plan to allow people to get autographs from our very diverse geography, and if we can figure it out, we will let you know. Until then - you can get the books! And let's not forget what "Starcrossed is" It's a story of the LA of the 1920 when there was excitement in the air, Wiards on every corner keeping order and magical beings just trying to survive without getting caught.

Dirty Magick Los Angeles:

Then came a Christmas present. It seems that my second short story this year, "The Miracle of the First Night," was wrapped nicely and placed with it's compatriots under the tree over at the studios for "The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences." In this story, we go back in time to the days of secret Ministries keeping the British Empire safe. In this case, I was asked to write a Hanukkah story, so I did. I think you'll like Agent Natile Hart and maybe even learn a little more about Books in the process. This one is audio only right now and can be found here: I you enjoy this, the first story in the season, and all the stories leading up to the next release!

I am going to go dark for a few days here - trying to design a WordPress page for the author and writing side of me. Wish me luck!

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