Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I've Learned At Balticon Take One

Things I've learned so far at #Balticon...

1) I am definitely far more of an extrovert when surrounded by the right people.

2) Charlie Brown is still an amazing dancer - and I can still barely keep up. But I try! Thanks for the dance(s), Charlie!

3) The folks from RoTaNoWriMo are just as nice and amazing in person as they are online. Dave Robison has managed to find that magic balance that makes a good community! It's been great to meet y'all! (For more on building great communities, he's on a panel discussing this topic at 8AM Monday.)

4) Starla Huchton and I STILL share a brain. Only now, it's worse. She got drunk, I felt it. We were participating in a survey (Survey guy if you read this, sorry to cut you off - I am more than happy to answer more pop culture survey question tomorrow sometime if you wish.) No, just because we share a brain, Starla, you are not allowed to say all the things first. Sometimes I get to answer the questions first! And I get to meet some other friends of hers whom I have heard lots, and lots, and i

5) That I am, right now, not as nervous about my reading tomorrow at 5PM in Parlor 1026. For those not in the know Charlie Brown has brought together three of the authors and two awesome podcasting voices to help us bring the world of Urban Fantasy Noir to life for the first time ever - Sunday, 5/25/2014 in Parlor 1026. (Hint - friends, please come if you are here! If not, I will come find you later. ;-D)

6) That after 9 years of marriage it's hard for me to remember that my real name and my writing name are not the same. So if you hear me stumble over my name...I'm having a bit of a branding identity crisis this year.  I should have it straightened out by next year. For the record, I write under my maiden name - Lisa-Anne Samuels. That said, I have introduced myself to many of you as Lisa, Lisa-Anne, Lisa Moore, Lisa in that book/podcast, Lisa I Guess, Lisa-Anne Moore, and my favorite when I actually forgot my name for a minute "L???? Yeah, I don't remember." But with all my strange attempts to make sure you, my potentially current and future audience members, I am sure I have confused the lot of you. Branding will change, for now know that everything listed above can be used by friends of mine. After that

Oh, and then there's been all this marketing, writing, genre stuff that I've learned this year. That will be distilled into a blog that will go onto the current personal blog site with links to here and to the author page. All are welcome there and there will be ore info there as I grow as a published author.

Now, I must to bed. 7:30 is pretty darn early, even if it's for a good reason. Oh, and if I missed you on this lovely tagged list it only means that the fibro has attack decided that I didn't need my left leg any more. I hope y'alll danced all the hours . WARNING - Tomorrow I will be reminding folks on FB and Twitter about the reading:

Dirty Magick; Los Angeles is being read for the first time with a group of writers - most of them actually wrote one of the stories, It's an amazing look at two genres that Charlie Brown loves - Urban Fantasy and Noir Dectives. If that interests you, and you are at @Balticon, room 1026 at 5 PM on Sunday. You'll thank yourself later.

So, that's it for me tonight. There will be a summary blog at (which is serving as my only blog until I get the other situated. But please, give me a week or two to wrap my brain around all of it. Thank you!

Goodnight #Balticon! Two more days to go! Well, definitely tomorrow.

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Kim Smith said...

Hey! I found you on JunISBW5 and wanted to leave a message. I would love to go away from my region to a con, but it's not in the budget. Maybe next year. Anyway, happy writing!