Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hug the one's you're with

It seems appropriate that the last entry to this on again, off again blog was written at Balticon. That's where I first met P.G. Holyfield (back in 2009? 2010?). It's also the last place I saw him. This year somewhere between one of the panels and Heather's graduation party Sunday night, I caught a glimpse of P.G. It was a blur, it was the first year I read at Balticon, the second or third time I've presented but the first time in more than 20 years. Yeah, I'm a long term geek. And, well, this year's Balticon was just so packed for me. So packed that I don't remember if I even said "Hello" to P.G. or if I nodded towards him or if I waved. There is a photo that we're both in from the Meat and Greet, in line for our meat.

As I said in the first paragraph, I first met P.G. Holyfield at Balticon at least four years ago. I purchased a book from the Dragon Moon Press table called "Chasing the Bard" mostly because it was a story about one of my favorite subjects - William Shakespeare. The guy behind the table first introduced me to the author, Pip Ballantine, as she wandered up. I asked her to sign the book, which she did before saying "Well, you should get Tee's signature too. He's in the podiobook." So, Tee, the guy behind the table, signed it as well. Then this guy with a quirky smile sauntered up to the table. Tee thrust the book into his hands and said something like "Sign." PG said "Why?" So Tee and Pip explained that she was having the cast sign the book for me as well. So he shrugged his shoulders and signed the book, along with his character name. 

I'm not someone who listens to podcasts, podiobooks or audiobooks of any kind. I've been on a podcast or two and I've also read a short story for a podcast, but I don't listen to them. It's hard for me to follow the story when there isn't a visual, so I prefer things written on pages. But, I think, this week I will make an exception. I'm going to go searching for "Chasing the Bard" on PodioBooks or wherever it is these days and give it a listen for as long as I can. Just to hear P.G.'s voice and smile as I remember the first time I met him. 

If this memory made you smile at all, please consider giving a gift to P.G. and his family. As with any medical situation, costs are astronomical. P.G. also has three children he is leaving behind. You can find information about giving a gift and P.G.'s condition on the GoFundMe site created by some of his closest friends who are with him in his final days. You can find it here:


And now an appropriate goodbye to Auberon as voiced by Patrick "P.G." Holyfield with slight apologies to Shakespeare for jumping into the text where I do.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Act V Sc. 1 Line 415


With this field-dew consecrate
Every fairy take his gait;
And each several chamber bless,
Through this palace with sweet peace;
And the owner of it blest
Ever shall in safety rest.
Trip away; make no stay;
Meet me all by break of day.

Exeunt   [OBERON, TITANIA, and train]

Rest peacefully, Patrick. You will be missed by all, even those of us who knew you only slightly, but were touched by your kindness, generousity and love of what you did.